Draft Minutes

Eastnor & Donnington Parish Council
Annual Parish Council Meeting
Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 8th May 2018
At Eastnor Cricket Club

Present: Robin Smith (RS), Shirley Roberts (SR), Chris George (CG), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD)
In attendance: Clerk (DF), New Clerk (JC) and Easnor resident Nicky Shepherd

1. Election of Officers (Chair and Vice Chair) and complete Acceptance of Office
RS proposed CSD as Chair, this was seconded by SR. RS proposed CG as Vice Chair, this was seconded by CSD. AGREED by all present.

2. To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from councillors
Apologies accepted from Imogen Pudduck and Shane Howells

3. To receive declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations
None received.

4. Opportunity for speakers
Liz Wreford of Ledbury Food Bank thanked the parish council for the donation made earlier in the year and gave a presentation detailing the work carried out.
Simon Freeman, Duncan and Becky of Malvern Hills Trust gave presentation regarding the Charities Act and the importance of changing the constitution to secure the future of the trust.

5. To consider the adoption of the minutes of meeting 6th February 2018
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record. AGREED

6. Notes reported back from Finance Meeting on 8th March 2018
Cheques signed off:
Clerks Salary for March 2018
Clerks Expenses £76.19
Eastnor Cricket Club £10.00
HM Revenue and Customs £140.00

7. Finance
Cheques signed at Annual Parish Meeting on 10th April 2018:
Clerk Salary
Eastnor Cricket Club £10.00
Halc Subs £348.18

Cheques presented for signature:
Clerk salary for May 2018
Clerk Expenses £35.80
Room Hire Eastnor Cricket Club £10.00
Cheques AGREED by all and signed off

8. To adopt Annual Accounts for 2017/18 & Annual Governance Statement
Deficit for the year of £223.23, budgeted for a loss of £560 to bring down reserves.
Balance in bank accounts at end of year £4041.15.
Statements read out to all and AGREED by all present.

9. To review GDPR
AGREED by all to adopt the policies as recommended by Halc.

10. Discuss Road Safety Issues within Eastnor and Donnington
RS has received request for salt bin to be provided in Donnington.
Leaky drain still at problem in Eastnor.

11. Update on Parish Clerk position.
Janet Chester has been appointed as parish clerk following interview in March and successful references. Currently liaising with current clerk for handover date in May/June. AS JC doesn’t need printer DF is purchasing the printer from the parish council. Forms completed for change of address for bank statements for JC.

12. Update Standing Orders
As recommended by Halc AGREED by all to adopt.

13. To note Information Sheet
Upcoming Halc courses – Chairman 14/5/18 and 16/7/18
Councillor – 17/5/18 and 18/7/18
Data Deadine 15/5/18

14. To note date of next meetings:
Tuesday 3rd July 2018 – Broomsgreen Hall – AGREED by all to change time for future meetings to 7.30pm

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.25pm