Council Business


Parish Clerk: Mrs J Chester, Mapleside, Ashperton, Ledbury, Herefordshire, HR8 2RZ Tel: 01531 670036
email:   website:

Meeting ID: 839 7328 8784
Password: 336608
ON TUESDAY 23rd JUNE 2020 AT 7.30PM


1. To Elect a Chairman and sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office
2. To Elect a Vice-Chairman and sign Declaration of Acceptance of Office
3. To Accept any Apologies for Absence and Note the Reason
4. To Record any Declarations of Interest and Consider any Requests for Dispensations
5. To Consider Approval of Minutes of Parish Council meeting held 4th February 2020
6. Public Participation Session for Local Residents to raise matters relevant to the Parish Council (Please note: Decisions cannot be made on items not on the agenda) This item to be limited at the discretion of the chairman
7. Planning: NB: no paper copies of applications are available to view at the meeting unless specified
a) To Consider Planning Applications referred for comment: (to be viewed online prior to the meeting)
201608 – Castle Lodge, Eastnor, Ledbury, HR8 1RL
Internal alterations and refurbishment. Proposed removal of the existing internal wall between the separate Lounge and Dining Room, along with the redundant corner chimney breast within the Lounge, to create a single large “living” room.
b) To Note Details of Decision Notices Received from Hereford Council: as per planning record
8. Finance:
a) To Receive 2019/20 End of Year Accounts
b) To Consider Internal Auditors Report
c) To Approve the Annual Governance Statement for the External Auditor
d) To Approve the Annual Accounting Statements for the External Auditor
e) To Consider Completing the Certificate of Exemption for External Audit of End of Year Accounts
f) To Note Finance Report and Bank Balances
g) To Ratify Payments already made in accordance with PC policies during Covid-19
000551: Zurich Municipal – Annual Insurance – £257.60
000552: J Chester – reimbursement for Annual defibrillator service charge £142.80
000553: Autela Group – payroll services Q4 – £57.18
h) To Consider Payments of Outstanding Accounts
000554: Herefordshire Council – Election Charges May 2019 – £117.89
000555: Eyelid Productions – Website Accessibility Tech Support – £50.00
000556: J Chester – clerk salary & expenses Feb-June – as agreed
000557: HMRC – PAYE Feb – June – £15.20
000558: SLCC – annual membership – £126.00
9. Highways/Footpaths:
a) To Note Weekly Reports from Balfour Beatty Locality Steward
b) To Note any new Highway and Footpath Defects
10. Information Section / Correspondence / Discussion:
a) To Review Information and Outstanding Actions
11. Reports: To receive any reports from meetings attended
12. Training: To note any forthcoming training dates
13. To Raise Items for next scheduled Parish Council Meeting (no discussion)
14. To Confirm Date and Time and Location of Next Meeting – Tuesday 8th September 2020 either at Eastnor Cricket Pavillion at 7.30pm or via Zoom (TBC)

Signed: JLChester (Clerk to the Parish Council) Dated: 15th June 2020

The press and public are cordially invited to attend the meeting



2020 / 2021– TBC


• Road defects reported to Locality Steward / Herefordshire Council via website
• Website updated
• Missing “Unsuitable for HGV’s” sign for Donnington reported CAS711392 Y5J1V2 11065630
• 2020-2021 Precept of £5250 requested
• Eastnor Castle and Mr Hervey-Bathurst contacted re broadband and mobile signal without success. Fastershire latest quarter 2 2021.

• Balfour Beatty – Weekly Locality briefings *
• Balfour Beatty – road closure notices *
• Balfour Beatty – Parish Briefing Notes *
• HALC – Information Corner & Training Schedule *
• Herefordshire Council – Covid-19 Correspondence *
* Circulated to Cllrs.

OUTSTANDING ACTIONS – These are the consolidated actions outstanding after the last meeting:-
May 2019 Clerk Ongoing 12h Arrange new mandate with Scottish Widows
May 2019 Clerk Ongoing 13b Chase “Not suitable for HGV’s” signs
Oct 2019 Clerk Ongoing 10b The clerk will report open drain cover on Home Farm corner to Balfour Beatty
and ask Bromsberrow PC to arrange replacement depth gauge at Clenchers Mill Ford Oct 2019 Clerk Ongoing 11d Report broken grit bin by Deans Hill Cottage. Request new git bin by Smallends Farm
Feb 2020 Clerk Reported 10b Road needs resurfacing by Dinchall Farm CAS763772J4B2F6 11087713
Feb 2020 Clerk Reported 10b Open drain by Home Farm Eastnor CAS763775H7J7R5 11087716
Feb 2020 Clerk Reported 10b New depth gauge required in Clenchers Mill Ford CAS763777Z4Q7N2 11087719

PLANNING RECORD – (last six months)
173431 – Land off Ridgeway, Eastnor, Herefordshire, HR8 1RA 15th Sept 2017
Proposed new visitor café and parking area
Herefordshire Council Determination Made – GRANTED 30.11.18
P191734/N Eastnor Castle Eastnor Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 1RL
Proposed replacement sewage treatment plant.
PC Comment: The Parish Council have no objections
Herefordshire Council Decision: GRANTED 11.9.19
P191975/K Eastnor Castle Eastnor Ledbury Herefordshire HR8 1RL
Proposed works to T539, T541 Oak, T6 Oak, T393 Cedar, T390 Lucombe Oak, T396 Cedar, T472 Oak. Reasons: Work recommended in recent tree safety report report
PC Comment: The Parish Council have no objections
Herefordshire Council Decision: GRANTED
192926 Gold Hill Farm, Clenchers Mill Lane, Eastnor, HR8 1RE
Repairs / reinstatement works to barn (building 3)
Herefordshire Council Decision: WITHDRAWN 24.10.19