Minutes 2nd February 2016

Eastnor & Donnington Parish Council
Parish Council Meeting

Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 2nd February 2016
At Eastnor Cricket Club

Present: Denis Brandt (DB), Robin Smith (RS), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Caroline Layton (CL), Shirley Roberts (SR) and Imogen Puddock (IP).
In attendance: Clerk
1. To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from councillors
Apologies accepted from Shane Howells

2. To receive declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations
RS – item 8 Donnington Churchyard

3. Opportunity for speakers
No speakers.

4. To consider the adoption of the minutes of meeting 17th November 2015
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record. AGREED

5. Co-option of Eastnor Councillor Vacancy
Position still vacant and advertised

6. Finance
Cheques presented for signature:
Clerk salary for February
CN000451 Clerk Expenses £42.10
CN000452 Eastnor Cricket Club Hire £10.00
Cheques AGREED by all and signed off

Appoint Internal Auditor for 2015-16
AGREED by all to ask David Houghton to act as internal auditor again

7. Transparency Grant Approval – Purchase of IT equipment
Grant approved and received – clerk to purchase laptop for £333 plus vat and printer for £75 plus vat. In addition to this clerk will also need to purchase Microsoft office and anti-virus software.

8. To consider donation requests:
Donnington Churchyard – £300 requested with copies of accounts provided and copy of grass cutting invoice. AGREED by all present to pay.
Eastnor Churchyard – RESOLUTION to agree in principal a donation of £300 and award later in year when invoices have been raised and work taken place

9. Consider British Heart Foundation Defibrillator Grant Locations
Eastnor Cricket Club very keen to use club as location but closing date ended early due to number of applications. If grant opens up again clerk to apply for Eastnor.

10. To consider current planning applications:
Premises Licence Application – Deer Park, Eastnor 1-4 July 2016 – NO OBJECTIONS
Haffield House, Ledbury – proposed repairs, internal alterations and restorations – NO OBJECTIONS.
11. Road Safety Issues within Eastnor and Donnington
Potholes within both parishes

12. To note information sheet
a. Balfour Beatty Newsletter

13. To note date of next meetings:
Tuesday 8th March 2016 – Finance Meeting
Tuesday 12th April 2016 – Eastnor Cricket Club – Annual Parish Meeting
Tuesday 20th May 2016 – Eastnor Cricket Club – Annual Meeting of Parish Council
Tuesday 5th July 2016 – Brooms Green, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall
Tuesday 13th September 2016 – Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 15th November 2016 – Brooms Green, Donnington and Ryton Village Hall

The Chairman closed the meeting at 7.50pm