Minutes 7th July


Eastnor & Donnington Parish Council


Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 7th July 2015
at Broomsgreen, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall
Present – Denis Brandt (DB), Robin Smith (RS), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Shane Howells (SH), Shirley Roberts (SR), Caroline Layton (CL) and
Imogen Puddock (IP).

In attendance:
Clerk and Mark Millmore

To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from councillors
Emma Holton and Matthew Collis Long (MCL).

To receive declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations
None Declared

Presentation from Mark Millmore – Website Design for parish council
Website presentation given showing how a website for parish council could look. The
website would be using Word Press. Set up cost of £500 to include training, £10 per
year domain name registration and after 10 months £10 per month host fee.

Opportunity for Speakers
No speakers present.

Consider and adopt minutes of meeting 12th May 2015
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record AGREED.

Co-option of Eastnor Councillors
IP introduced herself and was AGREED by all to be co-opted on to parish council.
Forms given to IP to be completed.
MCL also would like to be co-opted and this was AGREED by all present. Clerk to
forward forms to MCL to complete.

Cheques presented for Signature:
CN000432 Broomsgreen, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall £10.00
CN000435 Clerk Expenses £84.40
Total £94.40
Accounts 2014-15
Accounts and annual return checked by David Houghton (Internal Auditor) with no

It was AGREED by all present to go ahead with Mark Millmore to produce a
website for the parish council.

Planning Applications
Application – 151529 – Homelands, Gloucester Road, Ledbury. Proposed single
storey front and rear extension – AGREED No objections.

Road Safety
Donnington – Still waiting for road signs regarding heavy traffic in lane.
Eastnor – Still trying to obtain information regarding weight limit for bridge over
railway track – to contact Network Rail.

Request received for donation to Herefordshire Citizens Advice Bureaux – to be
discussed in February 2016 when donations/grants considered.
Grant maybe available for parish councils website development, HALC to hold

Date of next meeting and Agenda
Tuesday 15th September – Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 17th November – Donnington, Brooms Green & Ryton Memorial Hall

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.00pm