Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 12th May 2015

Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 12th May 2015 at Eastnor Cricket Club

Denis Brandt (DB), Robin Smith (RS), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Caroline Layton (CL), Shirley Roberts (SR).

In attendance: Cllr Emma Holton (EH), Matthew Collis Long (arrived at 7.20pm) and clerk.

Election of Officers (Chair and Vice-Chair)
CSD proposed DB as Chair and RS as Vice-Chair, this was seconded by CL and agreed by all present.

Apologies for Absence
No apologies received.

Declaration of Interests
None Declared

Opportunity for Speakers
EH spoke as elected councillor, currently undergoing training courses.

Consider and adopt minutes of meeting 3rd February 2015
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record.

Cheques signed at Finance Committee Meeting on 10th March 2015 at Eastnor Cricket Club:

CN000419 D Fenwick Clerk Expenses
CN000420 Eastnor Cricket Club Room Hire
CN000421 Zurich Insurance
CN000423 SLCC Cilca Management

Cheques signed at Annual Parish Meeting on 14th April 2015 at Eastnor Cricket Club:

Cheques presented for Signature:
CN000425 – Petty Cash
CN000426 – D Fenwick Clerk Expenses
CN000427 – Halc Membership
CN000430 – HMRC PAYE
CN000431 – Eastnor Cricket Club

Total Accounts 2014-15
Deficit of £174.94 for the year. Grant element of the precept is £123.
Bank balances total £4440.14. Only variances to report is Staff Costs due to clerk training and other payments – extra training, increased Halc Subs, support
Donnington Churchyard, purchase of books, increased cost in postage and stationery.
Copies of accounts given to all present. Accounts agreed by all present and signed off.

Annual Return to 31st March 2015
Annual Return – Sections 1 and 2 read out to all, and agreed by all present.
Signed off by Chair.

To Review the Risk Assessment
All reviewed the risk assessment which was agreed by all present and signed by
the chair

Planning Applications
Nothing to discuss

Road Safety
SR to meet again with Neil James regarding Eastnor. Potholes still on lane between
Ledbury-Malvern road and Eastnor road. Neil James has advised the bridge above the
railway track is a railway asset.
Neil James met CSD regarding Donnington, potholes have been filled. Still hoping to
get signs installed to prevent heavy traffic. Hedgerows are being eroded.

Consider Future Website
All parish councils should now publish Agendas, Minutes and Financial Records onto
a website. Clerk to liase with Halc regarding information.

Declaration of office forms to be completed
Declaration of Acceptance of Office forms completed by all present and additional form completed by Chair (DB). Register of Interests completed by all present and passed to Clerk. Current Hfds Council Code of Conduct adopted by all present with one amendment – Item 6 that you leave the room and do not participate in any vote.

Councillors invited to meeting by Herefordshire Campaign to Protect Rural England on 26th June.

Date of next meeting and Agenda

Tuesday 7th July – Donnington Brooms Green & Ryton Memorial Hall
Tuesday 15th September – Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 17th November – Donnington, Brooms Green & Ryton Memorial Hall
Co-option of new councillors
Meeting Closed at 7.45pm