Minutes of Parish Council Meeting 15th September 2015

Parish Council Meeting Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 15th September 2015 at Eastnor Cricket Club


Denis Brandt (DB), Robin Smith (RS), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Shane Howells (SH), Shirley Roberts (SR), Caroline Layton (CL) and Imogen Puddock (IP).

In attendance:
Emma Holton (EM) CSD acted as clerk as clerk absent at funeral

To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from councillors
No apologies received.

To receive declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations
None Declared

Opportunity for Speakers

EH gave update regarding library closure consultation, budget cuts over
the next 4 years (£42 million to be saved) 75% of budget goes on adult
and social care, fracking in the county.

To consider the adoption of the minutes of meeting 7th July 2015
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record AGREED.

Co-option of Eastnor Councillor Vacancy
Matthew Collis Long has decided not to stand as parish councillor due to work
commitments. Therefore Eastnor is still short of one councillor.
Eastnor councillors will ask around.

Cheques presented for Signature:
Clerk Salary for September and October
CN000432 Clerk Expenses
CN000435 Eastnor Cricket Club Room Hire
Halc Training Course
Petty Cash
Cheques AGREED by all and signed off.

Accounts 2014-15
Annual Return signed off by External Auditor.
Audit requirements are changing next year. Still waiting for confirmation but have
been advised by Halc internal auditor may have to check accounts more frequently
than once a year and have to pass certain criteria in order to act as Interal Auditor.

Now Matthew has stood down as councillor the parish council need a replacement
cheque signatory. Currently Denis, Robin and Caroline are signatories, one more is needed.

Update on Parish Council Website and Transparency Code
Parish Council website at eastnordonningtonparishcouncil.co.uk
Training to be provided soon to the clerk on using the website and loading
information. Councillors were asked to volunteer if happy to participate in training.
There were no volunteers.

Clerk attended Halc website course. Parish Council can apply for grant to cover
costs of website, training, printer and laptop.
Form provided for review by parish council and to be signed by Chair. Chair
to complete form with clerk AGREED.

To consider planning applications:
152504 – Fell Trees – Eastnor Estate – No objections.
152405 – Fell Trees – The Old Post Office, Eastnor – No objections.

Road Safety Issues with Eastnor and Donnington
EH to e-mail link to clerk to pass on to councillors to report problems on to
Belfour Beatty website.

Information Sheet
Leaflets distributed regarding registering to vote.

Date of next meeting and Agenda
Tuesday 17th November – Donnington, Brooms Green & Ryton Memorial Hall
Parish Precept & Budget for next financial year
Clerks Salary
Disposal of old laptop
Grant request for Donnington Church grass mowing.