Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held 13th May 2014

MINUTES Held at 7.00pm on Tuesday 13th May 2014 at Eastnor Cricket Club

Present Denis Brandt (DB), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Shirley Roberts (SR), Action
Shane Howells (Sho), Sue Hersee (She), Caroline Layton (CL) and Matthew
Collis Long (MCL)
In attendance:
Cllr P Bettington and clerk

1 Election of Officers (Chair and Vice Chair)
MCL took over as chair for this item whilst DB was nominated to act as Chair again by
MCL and CSD, agreed by all. RS to continue as Vice-Chair, agreed by all present.

2 Apologies for Absence
Robin Smith (RS)

3 Declaration of Interests
None declared

4 Opportunity for Speakers
Cllr P Bettington gave update including information regarding resignation of
Locality Steward and changes to the electoral register procedures, to have to
register individually.

5 Consider and adopt minutes of meeting 4th February 2014
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record.

6 Finance

Cheques signed at Finance Committee Meeting on 4th March 2014 at Eastnor
Castle Tea Rooms:
CN000382 D Fenwick Clerk Expenses £32.04
CN000383 Zurich Municipa Insurance – No change from last year £243.80
CN000384 HM Revenue & Customs PAYE £114.00
CN000386 Halc Training Course £72.00
CN000387 Halc Subs £249.74

Cheques presented for Signature:
CN000388 – D Fenwick Clerks Expenses £101.69
CN000391 – D Fenwick – Petty Cash £25.00
CN000392 – HMRC PAYE £96.40
CN000393 – Eastnor Cricket Club £10.00
Total £233.09

Accounts 2013-14
Surplus of £423.13 for the year. Grant element of the precept is £189, for next
financial year is £123, for years in the future we don’t know if we will still
receive this. Bank balances total £4440.14. Only variance to report is other
income, less this year due to no training grant applied for and no newsletter
advertising income received (no newsletter produced) and vat reclaim less than
previous year. Copies of accounts given to all present. Accounts agreed by all
present and signed off.

Annual Return to 31st March 2014
Annual Return – Sections 1 and 2 read out to all, and agreed by all present.
Signed off by Chair.

7 Risk Assessment
Clerk read out the risk assessment which was agreed by all present and signed by
the chair

8 Planning Applications
None received.

9 Road Safety
Locality Steward appointed by Balfour Beatty – Rebecca Edmonds. Clerk has
e-mailed with list of outstanding issues – waiting for response. Locality Steward has
now resigned.

The condition of the notice board in Eastnor was raised due to the condensation, Sho
suggested using silica gel bags from shoe boxes to resolve the problem.
Grass verge on left hand side of road at right hand turn to church in Eastnor is hard
to see over as grass too long.

10 Information
Ledbury Locality Cluster Group of Parish Councils asked the parish council to agree
the amendments to the cluster group terms of reference – each parish council nominates
2 co-ordinators and the Chairman need not be a member of a parish council – both
agreed to.

11 Date of next meeting and Agenda
Tuesday 8th July 2014 Brooms Green, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall
Tuesday 16th September 2014 Eastnor
Tuesday 18th November 2014 Brooms Green, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall