Minutes of Parish Council Meeting held 4th February 2014

MINUTES 7.00pm on Tuesday 4th February 2014 at Eastnor Castle Tea Room

Present Robin Smith (RS), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Shirley Roberts (SR), Action
Shane Howells (Sho), Sue Hersee (She), Caroline Layton (CL) and Matthew
Collis Long (MCL)
In attendance:
Cllr P Bettington and clerk

1 Apologies for Absence
Denis Brandt

2 Declaration of Interests
None declared

3 Opportunity for Speakers
Cllr P Bettington gave update.

4 Consider and adopt minutes of meeting 19th November 2013
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record.

5 Finance

CN000377 – Information Commissioner £35.00
CN000379 – D Fenwick Clerk Expenses £42.10

Total £222.82

Quote not yet received – to be reviewed by Finance Committee in March

Appoint Internal Auditor for 2013-14
All agreed to appoint David Houghton if he accepts.

6 Donations
All agreed to donate £200 to Eastnor Cricket Club towards re-build. This is under
LGA (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 1976 s19.

7 Planning Applications
Applications Approved – The Old Post Office

Applications Made – Eastnor Castle Estates – Works to various trees on public
footpath between Upper Road and the A438. No objections
Eastnor Castle Estates – Remove 2 Thuyas, fell 24 Poplars and 111 Noble Fir
No objections.
Eastnor Castle – Internal conversion of Portcullis Lodge from office to gents toilets
and existing gents toilets changed to ladies. No objections

8 Road Safety
PCSO David Alexander has carried out a patrol at Eastnor School, he didn’t
find any bad parking but did think a couple of cars were travelling at an unsensible
speed near a school but not over the speed limit. The head teacher is to put out
a safety message in the next school newsletter. Patrols to be carried out in future.

Issues reported to Balfour Beatty – original messages claimed not to have been
received. Currently waiting for a response from the traffic team in response to
signage. Bin on list for prioritisation.

9 Information

12 Date of next meeting and Agenda
Finance Committee – Tuesday 4th March 2014 Eastnor
Tuesday 13th May 2014 Eastnor
Tuesday 8th July 2014 Brooms Green, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall
Tuesday 16th September 2014 Eastnor
Tuesday 18th November 2014 Brooms Green, Donnington & Ryton Village Hall