Minutes Parish Council Meeting 3rd February 2015

Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 3rd February 2015 at Eastnor Cricket Club

Present – Denis Brandt (DB), Shirley Roberts (SR), Caroline Layton (CL), Shane Howells (SH), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD) and Matthew Collis Long (MCL).

In attendance: Cllr P Bettington

1 Apologies for Absence Robin Smith (RS)

2 Declaration of Interests None Declared

3 Opportunity for Speakers

4 Consider and adopt minutes of meeting 16th November 2014
Were considered and signed as a true and accurate record.

5 Finance
Cheques presented for Signature:

CN000413 – D Fenwick Clerk Expenses £50.32
CN000414 – Information Commissioner £35.00
CN000415 -Halc Training £108.00
CN000416 – Eastnor Cricket Club £10.00
CN000417 – St Marys Church Donnington £300.00
Total £716.74

6 To Consider Donation/Grant requests for 2014-15
Donnington PCC requested a grant for £300 towards Donnington Churchyard
maintenance. Accounts and copy invoices submitted as per Donation/Grant
Policy. Agreed by all present and cheque raised.

7 Planning Applications
Nothing to discuss

8 Road Safety
Outstanding Issues Eastnor:
Concealed drives, railway bridge weight limit, bin in Woodcutters Yard and salt bin in
Clenchers Mill Lane.
Outstanding Issues Donnington:
Traffic in lanes and satnav
Neil James meet SR and CSD at site visits in Eastnor and Donnington.

9 Financial Regulations
Put on next agenda

10 Information
No further information

11 Date of next meeting and Agenda
Tuesday 10th March 2015 Eastnor Cricket Club Finance and Appraisal Committee
Tuesday 14th April – Annual Parish Meeting Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 12th May – Annual Meeting of the Parish Council Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 7th July – Donnington Brooms Green & Ryton Memorial Hall
Tuesday 15th September – Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 17th November – Donnington, Brooms Green & Ryton Memorial Hall