Minutes July 2017

Eastnor & Donnington Parish Council
Annual Parish Council Meeting
Held at 7.15pm on Tuesday 4th July 2017
At Broomsgreen, Donnington and Ryton Village Hall

Present: Denis Brandt (DB), Shirley Roberts (SR), Caroline Layton (CL), Christine Stallard Daniels (CSD), Imogen Pudduck (IP) and Christopher George (CG)
In attendance: Clerk and Dan Guerche (left after Item Number 3).

1. To consider the acceptance of apologies for absence from councillors
Apologies accepted from Robin Smith and Shane Howells

2. To receive declarations of interests and written requests for dispensations
None received.

3. Opportunity for speakers
Dan Guerche – Community Ambassador at Office at Police and Crime Commission gave talk on local policing.

4. To consider the adoption of the minutes of meeting 9th May 2017
Apologies received added from IP, then were considered and signed as a true and accurate record. AGREED

5. Finance
Cheques presented for signature:
Clerk salary for July and August 2017
Clerk Expenses £43.00
Room Hire Broomsgreen Village Hall £10.00
HMRC PAYE £113.60
Cheques AGREED by all and signed off

6. Discuss road safety issues within Eastnor and Donnington
Congestion still outside Eastnor school at beginning and end of school day and was reported one child hit by car. Hollybush sign still missing following car smash. Donnington – bend by Netherways, road is in bad state.

7. Consider Risk Assessment
Was reviewed and AGREED by all present.

8. To Note Information Sheet
9. To note date of next meetings:
Tuesday 12th September – Eastnor Cricket Club
Tuesday 14th November – Broomsgreen Village Hall

The Chairman closed the meeting at 8.00pm